We send a GoPro camera through a running Sleeve Seal sleeve labeler


And the results are just tremendous.

We’re not ashamed to admit it, we are complete gear-heads. Squeezing more speed out of our machines, and making them dead reliable is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We think we have the coolest jobs on the planet.

Watch this video for a little taste of the fun we get to have, and to get an idea of what real sleeve labeling speed is all about.



One of our favorite parts of the video is when the bottles running through this Sleeve Seal SSL-800 get to the opposite side of the sleeve labeler, we built a little device to remove the labels, so we could run the bottles through on an endless loop. Watching them fly into the air makes us laugh and laugh.

This is how we do things at Sleeve Seal.

We custom build your sleeve labeler in the proving lab. We test and tweak and retest. When things are perfectly bulletproof, we disassemble the whole thing, bring it to your facility, rebuild it and test and tweak and retest again, until everything is optimized to perfection.