Sleeve Seal Vertical Sleeve Labelers

Sleeve Seal vertical sleeve labelers perform with stamina and speed. Heavy weight construction and the fastest, most durable drive drain in the industry are combined to run the thinnest films for countless hours at the highest speeds.

Built with the best stainless materials and Allen Bradley automation controls, Sleeve Seal machines are engineered to provide quality labeling performance with simple, tool-less changeovers between container formats.

Other patented innovations, such as a multi-blade cutter assembly with quick-change blades have been developed for easy maintenance. Sleeve Seal brings speed, durability and accuracy to the race.

NEW! SSL-1600 Shrink Sleeve Labeler

The SSL-1600 is our new vertical sleeve labeler speed champ. 

The two-lane, dual synchronized head system provides unique speeds and can employ two independent functions for each labeling head.

NEW! SSL-100L Large Format Sleeve Labeler

SSL-100L Large Format Sleeve Labeler

Sleeve Seal’s new large format labeler offers XXL container capacity.

Automated, oversized labeling just got easy. Our new SSL-100L labeler handles containers up to 8.5” in diameter with extra long label lengths. Sleeve Seal’s “all day long, all day strong” reliability has been applied to an extra strength drive train to accommodate your large format packaging requirements.


The SSL-1200 is a new generation of vertical sleeve labelers that uses two heads for record breaking speeds.


Sleeve Seal SSL800 High Speed Sleeve Labeler

Sleeve Seal’s single head vertical sleeve labelers have been engineered to hit high speeds applying long cut lengths.


It is blazing fast, self-contained and versatile, along with proving itself to be amazingly reliable and low maintenance.

Shrink Label Printing

For a complete, integrated solution, combine our vertical sleeve labelers with the highest quality substrate materials, professional label design services, and our unique 10 color printing process for the most visually arresting and impactful labels on the retail shelf.


Sleeve Seal SSL600 High Speed Sleeve Labeler

With an on-board dual reel label management system, the SSL-600S is a self-contained, versatile labeler.


Sleeve Seal SSL450 High Speed Sleeve Labeler

Compare the SSL-450 to a small block V8 American hot rod – speed and dependability in a smaller package.


Sleeve Seal SSL250 High-Speed Sleeve Labeler

Hot rod speeds and a rugged chassis gives the SSL-250S a leap in performance up to 250 CPM at 180mm cut lengths.


Sleeve Seal SSL 100 High Speed Sleeve Labeler

Our SSL-100 is a state of the art machine sharing the same construction and touch control interface of our other machines.