Sleeve Seal Support Machines

Sleeve Seal has a full range of support machines and equipment. From label accumulators to shrink tunnels, Sleeve Seal produces all the equipment you’ll need to have a state-of-the-art labeling process running efficiently and reliably.

On-site set-up and testing are an integral part of what makes Sleeve Seal the preferred provider for clients who want cost-effective labeling for their product lines.

Our label printing and label design services insure your products will stand out from the competition on today’s crowded shelves.

Thermo Form Shrink Tunnels

The Sleeve Seal line of Shrink Tunnels are available in a broad range of sizes that compliment all of our Shrink Labelers.

SSA-1 Accumulation Cabinet

The SSA-1 is a large capacity, two-reel machine that features an integrated splicing table, keeping a steady flow of labels running.

SSA-8R Accumulation Cabinet

The eight roll capacity of the SSA-8R provides large quantity, high volume throughput without reloading for seamless changeovers.