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Our Range of Support Machines Create a Complete System

Sleeve Seal manufactures a complete line of support machinery and equipment. From label accumulators to shrink tunnels, we produce all the equipment you’ll need to apply labels efficiently and reliably.

SSA-1R Accumulation Cabinet

High Speed Shrink Sleeve Labeler

The SSA-1R Label Accumulation Cabinet keeps a steady flow of labels running to our labelers for continuous product flow.

The SSA-1R Label Accumulation Cabinet is a large capacity, two-reel machine that features an integrated splicing table where splices can be made from reel to reel quickly and easily with no downtime.

SSA-B1 Accumulation Cabinet

High Speed Shrink Sleeve Labelers

The SSA-B1 is a newly designed bin-style label accumulator that is a perfect companion for our lower speed labeling systems.

The simple bin design allows for changing to a fresh roll of labels without production interruption. The design is mechanically straightforward and safe to operate.

SST Thermo Form Shrink Tunnels

High Speed Shrink Sleeve Labeler Shrink Tunnel

The Sleeve Seal line of Shrink Tunnels are available in a broad range of sizes that compliment all of our Shrink Labelers.

Choose from steam or electric heat sources for in-line tunnels that integrate easily with existing conveyor lines and deliver consistent performance for repeatable shrinking. Every model within our shrink tunnel product line includes external controls that allow precise control to each array without exposing the operator to heat. Making adjustments on the fly is safe, fast and easy.

About Sleeve Seal

The Sleeve Seal line of vertical sleeve labelers feature the most advanced drive train available in the industry, with a rugged, modular design for rapid toolless changeovers between formats.

Our ten-color label printing process offers CMYK, plus spot colors and gloss, with matte and/or pearl finishes in a single run.

The end result is an integrated labeling system that is fast, efficient, easy to maintain, and creates the most visually striking labels on the shelf.

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