SSC-300 Cap Sealer

The SSC-300 cap sealer / tamper evident bander is a powerhouse applicator loaded with features and options. The same engineering principles go into all of our labelers—simple, robust construction with repeatable performance. If you are looking for a faster cap sealer, take a look at our SSC 600 Cap Sealer Machine.

Product Specifications

SSC-300 Production Rate: 300 BPM
Bottle Sizes: 25 – 50 mm diameter
Label Length: 25 – 50 mm
Label Thickness: 40 – 80 micron (µm)
Materials: PVC, PET, OPS


Sleeve Seal is focused on a new era of repeatable labeling performance. Built-to-last American manufacturing expertise and modern engineering combine to produce speeds from 25 to 1600 CPM on robust machines equipped with intelligent Allen Bradley controls. Heavy weight construction and the fastest, most durable drive train in the industry provide countless hours of high efficiency runs. Sleeve Seal machines are engineered to provide quality-labeling performance with simple, tool-less changeovers between container formats. Other patented innovations, such as a multi-blade cutter assembly with quick-change blades have been developed for ease of maintenance.


Sleeve Seal Cap Sealers offer the same rugged construction and precision application as our vertical labelers with rapid tool-less changeover of change parts. Our cap sealers and vertical shrink labelers utilize identical drive trains, allowing the user to switch safely and easily from format to format.


The line of Sleeve Seal shrink tunnels features a new style of tunable controls that make shrinking labels on containers both precise and repeatable. In order to shrink labels at higher speeds, our shrink tunnels come in a broad range of sizes that compliment all of our labelers. In addition to newly designed controls, Sleeve Seal tunnels feature 316 stainless steel interior lining and components for maximum corrosion resistance. Every shrink tunnel model features external controls that allow the adjustment of individual arrays without exposing the operator to heat.