Sleeve Seal Shrink Label Printing: Our 10 color Rotogravure press allows shrink label printing of the highest quality, producing the most beautiful product labels available for the packaging industry.

10 color printing offers vibrant colors and custom finishes for a variety of looks limited only by your imagination. 4-color CMYK, plus PMS spot colors, with gloss, matte or pearl finishes can be combined in a single run to create labels that stand out from the competition on overcrowded shelves.

Shrink sleeve labels are a more durable, scuff resistant, water resistant alternative to other labeling options. A quick visit to any retailer will reveal shrink labeled products, with everything from full body labels to holographic tamper bands produced by our integrated process. Our start-to-finish manufacturing and shrink label printing processes give you complete quality control at the most competitive prices available.


The possibilities are limitless to make your product stand out on the shelf

Rotogravure shrink label printing is the flexible packaging industry’s highest quality printing process.

The 100-year-old technology has been refined and engineered to create the fastest, most consistent shrink label printing with the highest level of image rendering. Rotogravure printing utilizes lower cost inks, but delivers more ink to substrates and beautiful, saturated colors.

Color options are limitless – from metallic to fluorescents with PMS Spot Color accuracy. The rotary method of applying ink to the film in the Rotogravure process delivers high definition rendering of art that can be run in massive volumes without degradation of image quality.

Rotogravure is popular for shrink sleeve printing due to the low costs associated with high production runs, accuracy, repeatability of quality printing and the precise control required to print on the thinnest of shrink films.

Shrink Label Printing & Design Services

Sleeve Seal Shrink Label Printing

Shrink label printing creates a new dimension to standard sleeve printing. Creating two-dimensional art for a three dimensional surface requires a level of finesse that other printers cannot match. Our experienced staff ensures your label looks its best on your container. Sleeve Seal provides timely proofs, plus 3D modeling.

Shrink Label Printing Design

Once your design is complete, Sleeve Seal provides computer generated 3D modeling so you can explore and refine your design ‘in the round’ on your computer, all before any ink is applied to our high quality substrate materials.

Our 10 color shrink label printing capacity allows the following ink and finish options for amazing visual design impact:

  • CMYK
  • Metallic Colors
  • Fluorescents
  • Pantone Spot Colors (PMS)
  • Pearlescent Finishes
  • Matte Varnish
  • Gloss Varnish

We print on PETG, OPS and PVC film materials as thin as 20 microns and with up to ten colors on our state of the art rotogravure presses. Because we are an ISO 9001 company we adhere to the strictest quality control standards from the start to the finish for the best results. From the production of raw materials to the engraving of high-speed precision printing cylinders to the final output, we meet our customer’s requirements for price and delivery time.

We embrace sustainability through the use of thinner sleeve films, but also recognize the cost savings. With the same high-end look as other films, we are able to offer labels as thin as 25 microns – nearly half the thickness as standard sleeve labels.

Every meter of printed film is scanned for material imperfections, ink density, print alignment and proper color match using an in-line CCD Line Scanner. Being able to scan at high speeds keeps efficiencies high and costs low by preventing unwanted waste.

Shrink Label Material Manufacturing

Sleeve Seal Shrink Label Printing

Sleeve Seal has quickly become a leader in shrink label printing and substrate manufacturing. We manufacture PETG, OPS and PVC film materials as thin as 20 micron that can be printed using our ten-color rotogravure press or can be purchased as clear substrate. We embrace sustainability through the use of thinner sleeve films.

Sleeve Seal Label Film Types:

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

  • Up to 63% shrink
  • PVC starts to shrink at roughly 130°F
  • Lower costs due to widely available raw materials

PVC is the most common shrink film type in the market today. Raw materials are readily available due to applications in other industries and PVC has historically been a “proven” performer for shrink sleeves. Excellent optical clarity, high shrink rates at lower temperatures and durability are qualities that make PVC film a popular choice.

PET (Polypropylene Terephthalate)

  • Up to 75% shrink
  • PETG starts to shrink at roughly 160°F
  • Environmentally Friendly – Conforms to PET recycling standards

PET is a more scuff resistant film option with a higher gloss and the best optical clarity – all are factors in the best looking labels on the shelf. The natural heat resistant properties allow PET film to be pasteurized. PET is a new industry favorite due to its ability to be recycled.

OPS (Oriented Polystyrene)

  • Up to 73% shrink
  • Softer feel
  • Slower shrink rate better suited for contoured containers

OPS shrink film is less dense film and therefore offers a unique feel. Consistent finish and thickness results in quality printing with high shrink rates. The “touch” or feel of OPS film makes it a good choice for squeezable containers.

About Sleeve Seal

The Sleeve Seal line of vertical sleeve labelers feature the most advanced drive train available in the industry, with a rugged, modular design for rapid toolless changeovers between formats.

Our ten-color label printing process offers CMYK, plus spot colors and gloss, with matte and/or pearl finishes in a single run.

The end result is an integrated labeling system that is fast, efficient, easy to maintain, and creates the most visually striking labels on the shelf.

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